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OnLine Power has positioned itself as a leading world-class designer and producer of power protection products. Since our beginnings in 1975, we have grown to this position by offering our customers a wide selection of power protection equipment based on the technological innovation and on the reliability of our products. OnLine's product offering includes: UL924 listed Emergency Lighting Inverters, UL1481 listed Fire Alarm Backup UPS, and other UL listed products such as Harsh Environment UPS, Traffic Signal BBS, Voltage Regulator, and Power Distribution Units.

The products we design and manufacture serve to protect all types of electronic equipment that need to stay functioning under varying adverse external power line conditions. These variations include voltage surges, sags, spikes, brownouts and blackouts. Our products serve industries whose critical equipment need continuous clean reliable power.

Industries such as medical, data processing, telecommunications, electronic publishing, factory automation, audio processing, broadcasting, and a host of others all need reliable power.