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Cornell provides a complete range of Emergency Alarm Systems, each specifically designed for applications including:> Senior Living(Skilled Care, Assisted & Independent)>Hospitals & Medical Clinics> Commercial Office Buildings> and School Systems. When you work with Cornell, you get:

> The Assurance that what you buy will be right for your specific needs
> The Security of time-proven manufacturing quality... and performance so dependable, its covered by the industries strongest warranty =10 Years.
>The Knowledge that you've made a financially sound investment.

Cornell manufactures all but a few items at its Milwaukee, WI facility. Its one reason parts can usually be shipped within 24 hours of order receipt. The other is Cornell people, who have the ability, authority and desire to deliver what you need... not just what we have.Working with CORNELL makes life easier and more rewarding for buyers and users.

Call Us at 1-800-558-8957