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Your flame and gas detection experts. We offer flame detectors, combustible gas detectors, toxic gas detectors,oxygen deficiency and enrichment monitoring detectors, and fire and gas control systems. Made in the USA.
Pressure Reducing - Our pressure reducing valve automatically reduces a higher inlet pressure to a lower discharge pressure despite changing flows or inlet pressures.


Phone 009714 8151111
Fax 009714 8151222
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Contact: Mohammed Jaradat
Executive Director
P.O. Box 17014
Jebel Ali Free Zone (South)
NAFFCO provides a one-stop shop for all your fire fighting, fire protection, security, and safety product needs. It is an ISO 9001 certified company serving over 100 countries worldwide with its Headquarter in United Arab Emirates (Dubai). Since its inception two decades back, it became one of the largest company in the fire, security & safety industry. It has the biggest state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and a wide range of products listed below (most which achieved product certification from International Quality Certifying bodies such as UL, FM, LPCB, BSI, CE, SAI Global, Kitemark, ANSI, etc. )

Fire Extinguishers
Fire Hose & Accessories
Fire Hose Reels
Fire Hose Racks
Fire Hose Cabinets
Fire Rated Doors
Fire Extinguishing Systems (CO2, HFC227EA, Inert Gas)
Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems
Sprinkler Systems
Fire Alarm Systems
CCTV - Security Systems
Fire Fighting Foam Concentrates
Foam Systems
Foam Bladder Tanks
Fire Pump Sets
Fire Pump Electrical Controllers
Diesel Engines
Jockey Pumps
Fire Hydrants
Dry Riser Equipments
Wet Riser Equipments
Pipes & Fittings (HPDE and others types)
Valves (Landing, Pressure Reducing, Pressure Relief, Check, Gate, etc.)
Fire Dampers
PPE (Gears, Helmets, Boots, Gloves, etc.)
Safety & Rescue Equipments
Aerial Platforms
Ambulance (Standard & Custom-made)
ARFF - Airport Rescue & Fire Fighting Vehicle
Fire Trucks (Standard & Custom-Made)
Riot Vehicles

NAFFCO has 6,000 highly skilled manpower strength in providing not only supply but also in design and installation of its products. It has a very active R&D team to make sure that the company provides the latest innovation in this industry.



Executive Director:

Mr. Mohammed Jaradat 009714 8066666

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