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Flame Seal is a Fire Retardant Technology Company that offers a wide variety of products and technology solutions for a number of diverse applications and industries. Our products are currently being used on many substrates including Foam, Plastic, Fabric, Wood, Paper, Metals, etc.. Flame Seal TB is the best Intumescent Coating for Thermal and Ignition Barrier applied over SPUF on the market. The product is certified by the ICC over multiple Foam Brands and is supported by a host of pre and post application services.

We also offer customized fire retardant solutions for construction, as well as providing fire protection platforms for many industrial uses.

For over 20 years Flame Seal Products has been in the forefront of fire prevention technology. Our technology is water based, non toxic, environmentally friendly, and is based on unique raw materials that allow for easy adaptation to diverse industries and applications.