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The last three decades have seen HOLDRITE® evolve from a single product family business to an international corporation and acknowledged industry leader. Hundreds of millions of HOLDRITE® products have been installed into a wide variety of projects from single-family and multi-family housing to hotel, government, military, healthcare, institutional and many other market sectors. By understanding both the large project perspective and specific application requirements, HOLDRITE® has developed solutions that assist in establishing a “shop standard” for the collaborative efforts of developers, architects, engineers and contractors. Over the years, HOLDRITE® has become the industry standard for “Converting Makeshift Methods into Engineered Solutions.”?

HOLDRITE® has established a reputation as a leading manufacturer known for innovative products and services in such categories as pipe and equipment support systems, acoustical plumbing solutions, water heater accessories, and water and firestop sleeving systems. HOLDRITE® also offers value-added no cost services to the contractor, wholesaler, and engineer to assist with multiple stages in the project. These VIP services include specification and submittal assistance, 3-D product drawings, custom detail application pages, and material “take-off” assistance to help plan for product inventory levels. As always, HOLDRITE® will stay at the forefront of the construction industry by offering innovative and cost-effective products that are optimized to be the best solution for the total application.

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HOLDRITE® HydroFlame™ Pro Series.

Immediately you can see the innovative features of this product. An interlocking telescoping sleeve eliminates the need to measure and cut sleeves on most jobsites. Locator whiskers help installers find buried sleeves after the concrete pour, turning a tiresome chore into a quick task. A threaded OHSA rated safety cap allows for easy, non-destructive removal.

What are the benefits of choosing HOLDRITE Hyrdoflame Pro Series? Installs are up to 6 times faster than makeshifts methods while still meeting and exceeding UL listed building code requirements. The water tight mid-body seal grips pipes, conduits and cables; 1/2” to 6”; with a UL W-Rated Seal.

The HOLDRITE HydroFlame Pro Series’ novel design transforms how cast-in-place firestop solutions are specified, installed, and distributed within the North American building construction industry. Its patent-protected telescoping design and standardized packaging make the product easy to stock, whether by the wholesale distributor, by the contractor or at the jobsite.

Finally, an easy to specify, stock, order, and install firestop solution is available on wholesale distributors’ shelves throughout North America. Finished are the decades of frustration, of significant pre-planning requirements, complex purchase orders, tight delivery deadlines, and jobsite fabrication challenges.
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