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Introducing the Revolutionary 5 SQUARE® Boxes5 SQUARE® Telecommunications Boxes* The first outlet box designed specifically by professional installers for telecommunications products.* Proper designing of pathways and spaces insures cable and connecting hardware functionality.* Facilitates minimum bend radius requirements.* Assures a proper cable environment.* Products installed according to manufacturers specifications will perform predictably.* The only telecommunications backbox on the market with an integral cable management system.* The 5 SQUARE® supports categories 5e, 6, Augmented 6, 7, Augmented 7 and Optical Fiber cables.* With the use of the new 5 SQUARE® backbox, you are assured that evolving industry standards can be met as future cabling products are introduced.5 SQUARE® Fire Signal Boxes* The first fire alarm signal backbox created explicitly for flush mounting of fire alarm signals.* The 5 SQUARE® boxes provide up to 88cu in of interior volume, more than double that of most existing boxes.* Saves hours of troubleshooting time on ground faults and short circuits.* Proven to be effective at reducing installation costs and time.* Proven to be able to allow pass-through conductors, which may reduce conduit.* Can be used on all fire signals, thereby creating an easily upgradable system for owners - with tremendous future cost savings!* Proven to truly make the easiest and most cost effective installation possible when using oversized voice evacuation signals.* The patented 5 SQUARE® backbox design provides an extension ring that reduces the opening to a standard 4 square.